Will I min the mini at least 10 times this year?

Will I get a sub 1:00 time on the nyt mini crossword at least 10 times this year (2024)? If I use any checkers, it will not count.

I only get under a minute if in lucky. My average time is probably around 2-4 mins, if I can even solve it that day. (For some reason, nyt says I have a 10% solve rate, but I think that's lower than it should be)

So far:

1/21, I got 45 seconds (first in at least a month)

1/25, I also got 45 seconds

1/29, I got 50 seconds

2/5, I got 52 seconds

2/22, I got 21 seconds!

3/25, I got 43 seconds

3/31, I got 53 seconds

3 to go!

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Got the mini in 50 seconds! I guess this'll be easy.

Couldn't solve the mini yesterday, but solved the Tuesday mini in 45 seconds! 8 to go.