What's the future outcome for Mixpanel, the company?
Going public (e.g. IPO, SPAC, Direct listing)
Acquired by, or merged into, a (non-SPAC) public company
Bankruptcy or going out of business
None of the other options happen by 2060

Mixpanel is a Series C startup in the San Francisco Bay Area offering analytics solutions for tech businesses. More info here: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/mixpanel

This market attempts to capture what the most likely future outcome for Mixpanel is, between:

  • Going public, via IPO, SPAC, Direct listing, or similar.

  • Acquisition or merger into another company. The company must be an actual operating business, and not a SPAC-style placeholder company. E.g. an acquisition by Google would count, but a merger into "Random Acquisition Corp III" just for the purposes of getting a public listing would be counted as "going public" instead.

  • Going out of business in some way or another.

If there's another possibility I haven't thought of, please suggest it in the comments and I'll add another option if it sounds valid.

This market resolves as soon as one of these options happens. If none of the options happen by 2060, this market resolves to… "None of the other options happen by 2060".

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