Will there be a mana reset?
Jun 30

If at some moment (when the market is opened) majority of users' balances is rewritten (not necessarily to the same value), resolves Yes.

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By the way, where is calibration?

unlikely, but they did just wipe inactive account balances down to 200 mana if they were higher (a week or two ago)

@strutheo That is why i created this question. Will they go further, or allow whales to immediately own a significant part of a new limited-mana economy.

bought Ṁ40 NO

If there is, I lose on this market, but then it gets reset, NO is the only correct bet

@DavidFWatson But the sequence will be the other way. There is reset -> Your mana is reset -> I notice the news -> market resolves -> you lose on this market. So if you lose, you lose in a more vulnerable/sensitive position with a smaller balance.

It is not losing 40 mana when you have 5k, it is losing 40 mana when you have, for example, 100.

@KongoLandwalker Hmm, perhaps, but given I have so many outstanding bets, hopefully it wouldn't be that big a part of my net worth.

bought Ṁ200 NO

@KongoLandwalker If there's such a reset, I will probably quit anyway, as will many active users. So there's not much to think about here.

opened a Ṁ1 YES at 1.0% order

@HarrisonNathan Push it lower!

@DavidFWatson It takes too long to resolve and the loans until the end of April will only return 50% of mana, so trading anything down to below 5% now makes little sense.