How many hours will my Picture restoration program take to be programmed?
resolved Apr 15

This is my study project.

Picture has up to 90% of pixels randomly deleted. The program written in C will use an assumption, that there are no hard edges and recreate a blurry version of the original. The aim: the face of the person on the picture has to be recognisible.

File format will likely be ppm or bitmap.

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4h. Ready.

Original picture

Converted to grayscale and around 99% of pixels are deleted (except the edges):

Restored image:

@KongoLandwalker works cool

only 80% is deleted:

3h. I had everything written, pressed compile, and then miracles happen. I broke my copypaste buffer, Devcpp crashed and stopped recognising existense of the folder where i have libraries. And on the second try Eigen shows argument mismatches somewhere deep in its core between its own procedures.

35m in. Did not even finish setup and linear algebra libraries installation.

@KongoLandwalker i think dealing with libraries and how they work would be 80% of all the time.

what resolution does the picture have prior to 90% of pixels getting deleted?

@Bayesian has to work for any sizes. The picture might be 400x400, might be 4000x4000. Doesn't even have to be square.

The time the program needs to actually run will not be counted here. I only count my own, human-spent time.