Will Red Bull finish the 2024 Formula 1 season with more points-per-race than the 2023 season?

In 2023 they scored 860 points in 22 races for 39.09 points per race. Resolves YES if their 2024 total exceeds this.

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There were 23 not 22 rounds in 2023?

Also there were some sprint races you’re not counting. You could just count the weekends, but the wording says races.

Can you clarify?

What number of points would resolve this yes given the current 2024 calendar?

And if races are canceled will the point total target be adjusted down?

@voodoo Imola was canceled

@voodoo I’ll have to think about sprints. The goal was to try to compare team performance to last year.

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@KevinBurke Yeah I understand the goal. The devil is always in the details though.

Fair enough to just go by rounds. If we do there should be 24 this year so the target total is > 938?

@KevinBurke Fwiw there were 6 sprints last year and there are 6 this year so it’s a wash.

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