SEC wins its case against Coinbase

SEC has charged Coinbase with 5 different offenses, including operating an unregistered securities exchange, and offering unregistered securities to the public.,

Resolves YES if the SEC wins any of the 5 charges it filed against Coinbase, or if Coinbase settles with terms that indicate a substantial concession, for example, a payout greater than $50 million and an agreement to not sell to US consumers, or something along those lines.

Since this case involves editorial judgment on the "substantial concession" provision, I won't bet in the market. Feel free to ask questions to help narrow down what "substantial" means.

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SEC v. @Coinbase Update

The hearing on Coinbase’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings will be held on Wednesday, Jan 17. There are four possible outcomes, with potential permutations to each:

I should've read the reso criteria closer

It would be weird if at least one of the charges didn't land