NFL Week 10 (Nov 10 2024): Will the Indianapolis Colts (home) beat the Buffalo Bills (away)?
Nov 12

The game will take place at Lucas Oil Stadium at 10:00 PST on November 10, 2024.

A game ending in a tie will resolve NO. A game that otherwise does not have a winner (e.g the Bills-Bengals Hamlin game) will resolve N/A.

One reason to bet on this market instead of other markets that may cover the same event: I resolve markets quickly (typically within an hour of the event ending), create markets for every game, and occasionally subsidize them.

If the game is rescheduled, this market will track the outcome of the rescheduled game. Any uncontemplated edge cases will resolve using my best judgment based on the spirit of the question. Arguments that rely on technicalities like "the question said 'will they win on October 2' but technically the game ended at 12:01AM October 3" will not be received well.

Game ID: 18813

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