Will it be possible to receive notifications on Manifold about sudden changes in markets that you follow by 2025?
Dec 31

The criterion is met if, by December 31, 2024, Manifold introduces a feature that allows users to receive notifications specifically when there is a change in the probability of prediction markets they follow.

The notifications must be triggered by changes in the probability levels of the markets, such as significant increases or decreases.

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@NickHeinonen I have a bot that can do this. Even though it's not endorsed by manifold and it's not as easy as simply "following the market," does it count as a YES resolution? https://manifold.markets/cc7

@cc6 Has to be native to Manifold.

This already exists as a "paid" feature (M1 limit order, will notify you when it is filled)

@CamillePerrin If you want to try it, look for the % button and click it

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