Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) ⚾Regular Season Matches
Apr 27

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  • Times are CST

  • Mods may resolve games asap

  • Each game is resolved independent of the others.

  • Resolves YES or NO .

  • Resolves No if Tie.

  • N/A if postponed. Oddspedia says if postponed.

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@ReeMARKable Good spot

Didn’t the SK Wyverns (now called

the SSG Landers) beat the Nexen Heros 8-4 today? This was resolved NO.

@ReeMARKable Yeah looks to be the case, sorry about that. I can't re-resolve it. I posted in modhelp on discord

@KeenenW No problem. I think if you click on the matchup and click edit, you can type in unresolve to make the correction.

I just tested it out on my NBA market to see and it allows me to unresolve an error.


it's giving me this error

@KeenenW Ah okay, I’m not sure then.

sold Ṁ3,000 Answer #905cb60e4d42 NO
bought Ṁ800 Answer #1f085ccd230f NO

bought Ṁ1,000 Answer #4d89f7cc2f28 YES

sold Ṁ103 Answer #2eee95291069 NO

bought Ṁ190 Answer #75db9c3721a2 NO

Hi! I just unresolved an answer and re-opened it so that Keenan can add more. Sorry about this, I'll re-resolve it once Keenan is done adding answers.

bought Ṁ1,000 Answer #ff9ae6b26c73 NO
bought Ṁ80 Answer #11f53841a7ff YES
bought Ṁ100 Answer #e25b9038ddb8 NO
bought Ṁ100 Answer #c56aa115b455 NO
bought Ṁ1,000 Answer #850be8d46878 YES