Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) ⚾Regular Season Matches
Apr 16
Doosan Bears beat LG Twins 12am Apr 14
Hanwha Eagles beat KIA Tigers 12am Apr 14
KT Wiz beat SK Wyverns 12am Apr 14
Nexen Heroes beat Lotte Giants 12am Apr 14
Samsung Lions beat NC Dinos 12am Apr 14
LG Twins Lotte beat Giants 4:30am Apr 16
NC Dinos beat Hanwha Eagles 4:30am Apr 16

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  • Mods may resolve games asap

  • Each game is resolved independent of the others.

  • Resolves YES or NO .

  • Resolves No if Tie.

  • N/A if postponed. Oddspedia says if postponed.

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@ReeMARKable Good spot

Didn’t the SK Wyverns (now called

the SSG Landers) beat the Nexen Heros 8-4 today? This was resolved NO.

@ReeMARKable Yeah looks to be the case, sorry about that. I can't re-resolve it. I posted in modhelp on discord

@KeenenW No problem. I think if you click on the matchup and click edit, you can type in unresolve to make the correction.

I just tested it out on my NBA market to see and it allows me to unresolve an error.


it's giving me this error

@KeenenW Ah okay, I’m not sure then.

sold Ṁ3,000 Lotte Giants beat Do... NO
LG Twins beat NC Dinos 4:30am April 2
bought Ṁ800 LG Twins beat NC Din... NO

SK Wyverns beat Doosan Bears 4:30am April 2
bought Ṁ1,000 SK Wyverns beat Doos... YES

Hanwha Eagles beat Lotte Giants 4:30am April 2
sold Ṁ103 Hanwha Eagles beat L... NO

KT Wiz beat KIA Tigers 4:30am April 2

Samsung Lions beat Nexen Heroes 4:30am April 2
bought Ṁ190 Samsung Lions beat N... NO

Hi! I just unresolved an answer and re-opened it so that Keenan can add more. Sorry about this, I'll re-resolve it once Keenan is done adding answers.

bought Ṁ1,000 Samsung Lions beat S... NO
Doosan Bears beat KIA Tigers 4:30am Mar 29
Lotte Giants beat NC Dinos 4:30am Mar 29
bought Ṁ80 Lotte Giants beat NC... YES
Nexen Heroes beat LG Twins 4:30am Mar 29
bought Ṁ100 Nexen Heroes beat LG... NO
Samsung Lions beat SK Wyverns 4:30am Mar 29
bought Ṁ100 Samsung Lions beat S... NO
Hanwha Eagles beat KT Wiz 4:30am Mar 29
bought Ṁ1,000 Hanwha Eagles beat K... YES

SK Wyverns beat Hanwha Eagles 4am Mar 28