Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) ⚾ Regular Season Matches
Apr 23

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  • Times are CST

  • Mods may resolve games asap

  • Each game is resolved independent of the others.

  • Resolves YES or NO .

  • Resolves No if Tie.

  • N/A if postponed. Oddspedia says if postponed.

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Thoughts on removing the China tag from this market?

@JoshuaWilkes Hadn't had any tbh. Current thoughts are they just nerfed tags to 5 (from 10) so if you have more than 5 and remove one you can't add another. From a "most useless" point of view, "Chinese Professional Baseball League" and "CPBL" are likely to get the least amount of traders over the course of months because of how the tag/algorithm system currently works so those should probably be first to go ironically.

Doing some critical thinking atm I've thought of 1 possible scenario that someone might actually get offended from the tag that I hadn't considered when I originally added it.

Why, what are your thoughts?

@KeenenW my main thought is that the CPBL isn't in China so when I'm searching for markets in the China tag it's a bit annoying to see it there.

(There is also the political element, but I've pretty much decided to stay away from that on Manifold)

@JoshuaWilkes A question directly involving China instead of this market in the feed would be less annoying to see?

@KeenenW there must be a small misunderstanding - if I'm searching using the China tag I obviously want to see markets directly involving China

@JoshuaWilkes No misunderstanding. You are top of the China Leaderboard. I was confirming you are annoyed at this market being in the China feed because the relevance to China isn't direct enough and the problem wasn't to do with markets that are about baseball and have the China tag effecting the China Leaderboard or something else I didn't consider.

I removed the China tag from this market and my one about Chinatrust vs Nippon-Ham. I've made a market about if a MLB World Tour Event in China happens. Sorry for the annoyance.

@KeenenW no apology necessary - thanks for swift action!

(I missed the notification for your response)

this will be an interesting test of how much mana one can lose if one doesn't know anything about baseball but has decided to support the Hawks

Chinatrust Brothers beat TSG Hawks 4am Apr 4

Huh not sure how I read this one incorrectly 🤦‍♂️