Which player will be the top points scorer at Rugby World Cup 2023?
resolved Oct 28
Owen Farrell (England)
Jonathan Sexton (Ireland)
Manie Libbok (South Africa)
Matthieu Jalibert (France)
Richie Mo'unga (New Zealand)
Carter Gordon (Australia)
George Ford (England)
Thomas Ramos (France)
Leigh Halfpenny (Wales)
Cheslin Kolbe (South Africa)
Damian Willemse (South Africa)
Finn Russell (Scotland)
Ross Byrne (Ireland)
Jordie Barrett (New Zealand)
Will Jordan (New Zealand)
Damian Penaud (France)
Kurt-Lee Arendse (South Africa)
Makazole Mapimpi (South Africa)
Damian McKenzie
Owen Farrell

Resolves 100% to the player with the most points at the conclusion of Rugby World Cup 2023 (% to be divided if multiple players tied).

Comment for additional players. I will add leading scorers at various points if not included below. At completion the question will not be resolved as 'Other'

NOTE: I have unfortunately hastily added a twin for Owen Farrell. Please consider the canonical Owen Farrell the one labelled with his country, i.e. Owen Farrell (England) will be the only one resolved 100% should he become the top points scorer at the tournaments conclusion. Apologies all, my stuff up!

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@capybara Correct! Wow Farrell has taken the lead has he?! Wow

sold แน€8 of Thomas Ramos (France) YES

Great spotting! I was too busy watching Boffelli that I neglected Farrell. Remember to bet on the correct one! Needs to be Owen Farrell (England)

Farrell scored 16 points in the bronze final to take the lead.

His nearest competitors are:
- Damian McKenzie - 53 (23 points required to take the lead)
- Richie Mo'unga - 50 (26 points required to take the lead)
- Will Jordan - 40 (36 points required to take the lead)

South Africa's leading points scorer is Manie Libbok who isn't even starting tomorrow... Following him is Handre Pollard 21 points.

Sanchez took that last kick... If only Argentina cared about this bet! They're locked in a real a wrestle here but still have a shout.

Boffelli to my calculations is up to 67 (2pens 2cons)

@JulianLees within a converted try

Update 21/10 NZT:
Semifinal 1 completed and minimal movement besides Emiliano Boffelli surging into 3rd place. Hard pressed to see anyone passing Ramos now who leads by 17 point lead. Emiliano Boffelli would need an absolute belter against the loser of South Africa/England or Richie Mounga in the final.

Update 17/10 NZT:
Thomas Ramos leads the pack after the quartefinals on 74 points. Damian McKenzie (53) and Emiliano Boffelli (51) are the closest contenders followed by Owen Farrell (44) and George Ford (41). Personally I'm expecting Ramos to push the others close given he holds a 21 point lead over McKenzie who is likely to be a substitute for the All Blacks remaining two games. After Boffelli's kicking display against Wales he may be the best contender from the rest.

I have added Nicolas Sanchez for those keen for a punt.

Once again apologies all for any confusion from last night's blunder of mine and another timely reminder to not fuss with the Owen Farrell duplicate I mistakenly added. Please only purchase Owen Farrell (England) - i.e. with his countries label.

Owen Farrell (England)

For clarity's sake, please consider this the canonical Farrell. Arguably one Owen Farrell is enough in this world ๐Ÿคฃ

Owen Farrell

FYI everyone, i've accidentally added a duplicate Farrell. If Farrell can make a dent into the current lead I will consider how to fairly resolve.

@JulianLees I think you should rule now because they have different values and this is your only shot to stop Farrell buyers choosing the one that profits them more

@JulianLees ok for clarity Farrell with bracketed 'England' will be the resolved Farrell should he take out top points scorer.

bought แน€50 of Jonathan Sexton (Ire... NO

I'll remind everyone that this question will NOT be resolved as 'Other' so please let me know any players you would like added.

@JulianLees Damian McKenzie surely?

@JulianLees Owen Farrell

@JoshuaWilkes oops, found him

@JoshuaWilkes haha oops x2 added a twin

bought แน€30 of Damian McKenzie YES

@JulianLees suggest you make one canonically correct

@JulianLees is Boffelli also missing?

Update 15/10 NZT:

  • Sexton unfortunately now out of the running.

  • Emiliano Boffelli surged up the table after a masterful kicking display against Wales. I was in awe of some of his place-kicking.

  • As a result, Richie Mo'unga has dropped down to 8th place

It has been great to see Thomas Ramos going about his work, lets see how he goes tomorrow against South Africa. The nearest South African is Cobus Reinach (shared 28th on 20 points) which is probably signals the place-kicking challenges South Africa have faced. Still surprising not see a player higher in the ranks from them. Also The nearest Fijian is Frank Lomani (shared 14th on 27 points).

Update 10/10 NZT:
As we head into Quarterfinals weekend, here are the top individual points scorers, Thomas Ramos heading up the list as a very strong role player in France's world cup squad. McKenzie, Sexton and Ford not too far behind.

@JulianLees baffled there is no South African player here

@JoshuaWilkes yea my thoughts too. You would usually see their first-five/flyhalf here but I guess this could be indicative of their kicking change-ups.

@JulianLees really impressed by Boffelli's kicking this morning but I'm still looking at Thomas Ramos and thinking gee even if France lose their quarterfinal (still unlikely as they're favoured and at home) he would still be hard to beat unless McKenzie has something to say about that.