Japan will defeat Samoa in their pool match at Rugby World Cup 2023
resolved Sep 28

Resolves YES if Japan beat Samoa in their pool match at the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Otherwise resolves NO

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Was close!

@capybara yes a great game indeed. Very even and lived up to both teams being ranked adjacent to each other. Samoa showed real heart to persevere with 14 men

Great participation on this question as well - teams are well matched!

Samoa hit back 17-8 at halftime to Japan. Japan getting points when it counts

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Why does this question close on the 1st of October if the match takes place on the 28th of September?

@DavidI fair question. I live in NZ and the games span middle of the night to early morning.

I created questions during the FIFA women's world cup and got caught out with timezone differences (set closing date for the NZ date and match spanned midnight because of extra time). To avoid this I conservatively over-set closure dates a few days after each match to ensure I keep them open until full-time.

In this case the match is 8am NZT so happy to update to 29 Sept NZT.

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@JulianLees Fair Enough!

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@JulianLees Also, I would invest in this question, I am just a bit short on Mana!

@DavidI ah bugger, well I hope this comes through for you. Should be a good match

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@JulianLees Yes! I am really looking forward to it! Thank you so much!!! You didn't have to do that! You made my day. Is Manifold always this wholesome?

@DavidI no big deal. I'm just here for fun and curiosity. Assume there's a few in the same boat.

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@JulianLees it is the best boat to be in for sure! ๐Ÿ’™