Will the US bring a sixth generation fighter into service by the end of 2035?

The sixth generation of fighter aircraft represents the cutting edge of aerial combat technology, pushing the boundaries of performance, stealth, and connectivity. These advanced fighters are designed to operate in highly contested and dynamic environments, seamlessly integrating with other platforms and networks to form a formidable joint force. Equipped with next-generation sensors, artificial intelligence, and advanced stealth capabilities, sixth-generation fighters possess enhanced situational awareness, allowing pilots to make split-second decisions with precision and accuracy. These aircraft incorporate advanced propulsion systems, such as adaptive cycle engines, to achieve greater speed, range, and maneuverability. Additionally, they leverage advanced materials and design techniques to further reduce radar signature and increase survivability. With their unparalleled capabilities, sixth-generation fighters are poised to dominate the future battlespace, providing air superiority and ensuring the safety and success of military operations.

'Into service' - defined according to the Wikipedia page for the type

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