Will Qatar bring a fifth generation fighter into service by the end of 2035?

Fifth-generation fighters represent a significant leap in air combat capabilities, incorporating advanced technologies that revolutionize aerial warfare. These cutting-edge aircraft, such as the F-35 Lightning II and the Chengdu J-20, boast exceptional stealth characteristics, enabling them to operate undetected deep within enemy territory. They leverage advanced sensor fusion systems that integrate data from multiple sources, providing pilots with unprecedented situational awareness and enabling them to make informed decisions in real-time. The fifth-generation fighters also employ advanced avionics and highly integrated computer systems, enabling them to communicate seamlessly with other friendly assets, enhancing overall mission effectiveness and interoperability. These fighters are equipped with advanced radar systems, enabling them to detect and track enemy aircraft from long ranges. Additionally, they possess exceptional maneuverability and speed, allowing them to engage and defeat adversaries in both close-in dogfights and beyond visual range engagements. The fifth generation of fighters has set a new benchmark in air combat capability, ensuring dominance in the skies and the ability to project power with unrivaled precision.

'Into service' - defined according to the Wikipedia page for the type

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An essential background for this market: Qatar makes formal request for F-35 jets (2020-10-08). This shows that even in 2020 Qatar wanted a fifth generation fighter, and was willing and probably able to pay. The question is just whether US would sell.

So this market has attracted, relatively, a lot of attention because of Isaac's subsidy.

I'm curious if people betting on it realise that in the Related Questions bar there are literally dozens of similar questions for other dates and other countries. The vast majority of military powers are covered.

Most of these markets have little liquidity, but most of them also have plenty of alpha remaining. Some of them must be worth a few mana from you!

If no person is left alive in Qatar, will this market resolve as NO or ambiguously?

Their own design or are you talking about a purchase?

@NADZOR Either (although realistically it would be a purchase)

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