Jet Lag: The Game Season Ten Truth Statements
Jul 31
We see a kangaroo
An athlete eats Vegemite
An athlete wears a Jet Lag branded hat
An athlete travels by boat (A->B)
A challenge references Crocodile Dundee
We get an episode of The Snack Zone
This season has more than five episodes
A challenge involves throwing a boomerang
At least one team goes to Perth
Amy from Wendover Productions is mentioned
Ben and Adam have at least $3000 in their budget entering Day 4
Someone says "that's just how the jets lag" **
Toby and/or Sam wears a rugby jersey
Toby mentions a Maths theorem
Ben gets drunk (canonically)
Sam mentions aeroplanes or Formula One ****
One of the athletes performs a 'Tim Tam Slam'
Toby and Sam have at least $5000 in their budget entering Day 4
We get an episode of Choo Choo Chew
An athlete has to answer a riddle

Resolves to all that are true. I will add more as the season progresses.

I may bet unless something appears or becomes subjective, in which case I will not bet. If something unexpectedly becomes subjective after I've already established a position I will outsource resolution if necessary.

I don't promise to watch so religiously that I don't miss any of these, so bettors should proactively seek resolutions, but I do promise to go back and check time stamps if provided.

I will close this set of questions the day before the finale is broadcast on Nebula, and will not resolve until it has been shown on YouTube. Obviously information will have been transferred in many markets before then, so participate at your own risk of spoilers.

Likewise individual markets will resolve after relevant evidence is on YouTube.

In general, events must appear on screen to count. If footage or audio is lost but the episode still confirms it took place and mattered that would count, but referring to something happening in a way that makes it clear not showing it was an editorial choice would not count.

In this context, physical location or mode of transport always matters.

Things we see or here during the 'outro' where the producers talk directly to camera in a studio setting do not count, unless specified.

Edit: Likewise anything shown in an outtakes episode.

* Before the finale is broadcast on Nebula. Either a link or a screenshot.

**Or a recognisable variant of it

***We must hear it, it doesn't have to be spoken by someone on screen

**** It needs to be Sam offering information about aeroplanes additional to what might be considered necessary for him to take one as part of the show, IE a 'fun fact'. I will not bet on this answer.

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Reminder to participants that I resolve questions after relevant events air on YouTube not Nebula ~

We see a kangaroo

This is going to include wallabies (just to get ahead of the controversy)

Sam mentions aeroplanes or Formula One ****

Wait, if Sam mentions airplanes/"aeroplanes" at all (including mentioning boarding an airplane), this resolves as YES, right?

@PaintspotInfez no, it should be in the vein of a fun fact about aeroplanes.

@PaintspotInfez I will clarify