Is it going to rain tomorrow?
resolved Apr 5

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benjsmithpredicted YES

I thought this was a clear yes. It did in fact rain on the relevant day. This is easily verifiable. So it's disappointing to have it resolve N/A.

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Genzypredicted NO at 83%

Nobody knows how this market should have resolved, but I'd at least like an N/A so it stops polluting my closed markets page

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benjsmithbought Ṁ10 of YES
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benjsmithpredicted YES at 87%

@B looks like rain tomorrow in US PNW, southern Mexico, Brazil, southern Africa, Tasmania, and south China, amongst other places

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Cade Matayabought Ṁ250 of YES

@B It's gonna rain.

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benjsmithbought Ṁ20 of YES

this is a global rain radar. there is rain in maybe 5-10 distinct locations today. seems highly likely it will rain tomorrow,-97.2929,5&oFa=0&oC=0&oU=0&oCS=1&oF=0&oAP=1&c=1&o=88&lm=0&layer=radar&sm=1&sn=1&hu=1

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Cade Matayapredicted YES at 91%

@B Looks like it's raining in the southeast USA, central Europe/Germany, Indochina, Japan, and Turkey.

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Cade Mataya

In any specific location?

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