Will Trump say all 50 states before the election?
Nov 6

Resolves YES if Trump verbally utters (i.e. written text does not count) every single state, regardless of context, between market open and Election Day. Resolves NO if he neglects at least one.

In the unlikely event that a state is added between now and Election Day, Trump must say that state as well. Similarly, if a state is removed, that removes the requirement that Trump must say it.

See this spreadsheet to see Trump’s progress!

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2 states down (New York and Washington), 48 to go!

Do social media posts count? Does he need to say it after market open?

presumably texting them doesn't count as "verbally uttering" them; but saying them aloud and recording himself and posting it online counts. id wager it's only considering after market open, because otherwise it would resolve YES trivially.. and the spreadsheet is empty atm

@Daniel_MC @Bayesian is right on both counts. I think I’ve made those two things clearer now in the description

I’ll use this spreadsheet to keep track of the states he has said: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14YOw3MwTDkBzOgDgl0A78IWBYiW0DegHSiNDjlHS0nw/edit#gid=0