Will the 118th Congress pass more than X resolutions?
X = 600
X = 700
X = 760 (number of resolutions passed by 117th Congress)
X = 800

If, at any time before the beginning of the 119th Congress, the number of passed resolutions for the 118th Congress per https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/statistics is larger than X, then that answer will resolve YES. If it's smaller or the same for this whole time period, then that answer will resolve NO.

If for whatever reason I deem that site to be inaccurate, I reserve the right to choose an alternate source (which is backed by market consensus). If no such source can be found, then this will resolve N/A.

Why I'm Asking: I've heard various pundits say that if McCarthy isn't elected on the first ballot then "the Republican majority [would be] hopelessly damaged from the start" (NYT). Well, that's happened. And one measure of how strong a majority is, is how many resolutions did it pass.

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