Will Taylor Swift Endorse Joe Biden for the 2024 Presidential Election
Nov 6
  1. Definition of Endorsement:

    • Public Declaration: The endorsement must be a public declaration made by Taylor Swift herself.

    • Platforms for Declaration: It can be through various mediums such as social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), in a public speech, during a concert, in a televised interview, or in a written statement to the press.

    • Direct Statement: The endorsement should explicitly mention Joe Biden by name, indicating support for his 2024 Presidential Election campaign.

  2. Time Frame:

    • End Date: The cutoff for the endorsement to be considered valid is Election Day 2024.

  3. Verification:

    • Independent Verification: At least two independent and reputable news sources must report on the endorsement.

    • Verification Time Limit: The endorsement must be reported within 48 hours of its occurrence to be considered valid.

  4. Exclusions:

    • Indirect Support: Expressions of support for policies aligned with Joe Biden's platform without explicitly naming him do not qualify as an endorsement.

    • Impersonation and Misinformation: Statements made by accounts or sources proven to be impersonating Taylor Swift or spreading misinformation will not be counted.

  5. Clarifications:

    • Multiple Endorsements: If Taylor Swift endorses multiple candidates, it only counts if Joe Biden is among them.

    • Formal Statements vs. Casual Remarks: Both formal statements and casual remarks count as endorsements, provided they meet the above criteria.

  6. Resolution:

    • The question will be resolved affirmatively if all criteria for an endorsement are met within the specified time frame.

    • The question will be resolved negatively if the time frame expires without a qualifying endorsement.

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The prophecy said she would endorse Biden after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Why now, if not then?


@Tsunombie because of the Music Modernization Act!

When will she make her endorsement?

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