Middle class vs poors and gigawhales
resolved Jun 26

Team Yes gets 1 point for every 1000 yes shares up to a limit of 100 points per person

Team No gets 1 point per unique user plus 1 point for every 10000 no shares, with no limit.

Accounts with the bot tag or "alt" in their profile will not count. No additional effort will be made to exclude alts besides whatever the manifold admins do to ban them.

Closing time is fixed and resolution is based on the average point totals over the final 3 days. [edit: from 7pm Jun 22 to 7pm Jun 25 PDT]

This is a forcing function to get me to learn to program manifold api stuff

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@JonathanRay Please resolve. Thanks!

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inb4 "22 alts" resolves YES

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@nickten 24 alts. We are all Nick Ten's alts.

Not this shit again

It’s not possible for this to resolve YES at this point given that it’s averaged over the last 3 days.

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@DanMan314 Would require ca. 1,200+ points in last hour for YES. Very unlikely - 12 M100,000 users.

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anyone with a YES position could obtain risk free profit by buying YES and NO simultaneously on different accounts. But I don't currently have enough mana to pull that off.

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@JonathanRay (since Isaac King was spending M100 per share anyway, he might as well have been the one buying all the NO shares instead of the AMM)

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Just to clarify. By 'server time', you mean PT / PDT?

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@JonathanRay I don't think there's really a server time, everything on Manifold displays in your local timezone; should edit your description to just say Pacific Time.

So we will not learn ? Just after "The market", WvM was created and took all attention. Only self referential markets really matters. Most real world events markets allow only to win about 50 mana.

Please N/A this market.

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@Zardoru Do you want to ban mcdonalds as well?

This market should be unlisted, as per https://help.manifold.markets/community-guidelines

Oh no.... It's happening all over again! 😭 This market does look fun though 😼