Will the discovery of a Bigfoot Skull in British Columbia be acknowledged as a hoax by the end of July?
Jul 21
M$15 bet
https://bit.ly/braveskull Resolves to YES if anyone participating in the “discovery” or production of the photos or videos confesses to being involved in creating a hoax. Betting closes July 24 11:59 pm Market resolves July 31 11:59 pm (unless resolved to YES earlier) My Policy = “Not betting” Applying the joy_void_joy ontology https://manifold.markets/Angela/repost-under-what-conditions-is-it#AbqapM5wyao8Lr87sJVO
Resolved to YES with this follow up video confirming that it was faked. The truth is still out there… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5DtptFYYmLk

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