There will be at least one combo on the December TST
resolved Dec 23

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bruh there was literally no combo

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I resolved n/a because 1 and 3 were both quite ambiguous on whether it should be considered combo

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@JiaheLiu 11/15 said p1 was combo and 10/13 said p3 was combo

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The OTIS server has voted both problems 1 and 3 to be combo. This should resolve yes.

I have sold my YES position because there is clearly no combo

p2 is combo

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p1 is combo

@CyclicISLscelesTrapezoid And these comments are why this market needs to go N/A.

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Now we have the question of is p3 actually combo

Those who have taken the 2023 USA December TST should not bet on this market until discussion is actually permitted