Will Vienna Teng be invited to a Bay Area Secular Solstice by the end of 2023?
resolved Dec 20

As a guest, not as a performer. Invited but turns down the invite still resolves to YES. Close date updated to 2023-12-01 12:00 am. Resolves Jan. 1st.

2023/10/09 EDIT: Invite has to be from someone who can credibly offer 'if you come you'll be welcome', which in practice means the organizing team, probably the primary organizers but possibly the choir director or similar.

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FTR, we did not invite Vienna Teng to Solstice.

Although we did joke about it, while gaming out scenarios for who could do various songs if various people got COVID.

"Worst case scenario, we do know someone who can do Level Up by herself. Step one would be betting the hell out of that one market on Manifold."

@JiSK How 'official' does the invite need to be - e.g. does it have to come from the event organizers, or can I just send her a nice email :)

predicted NO

@BenjaminCosman Only going to count the organizers as that is the only kind that seems credible.

Knowing the organizers personally, I’m sure they wouldn’t turn her away if someone else invited her. (Evidence: they all attended her concert last year)

@noumena … although I then noticed @tcheasdfjkl bet no on the market

predicted NO

@noumena That's not the operative constraint.