Will Carissa in planecrash ever realize that Hell is not in fact torturing primarily as needed for the purpose of devil creation?
Jan 1, 2023
M$460 bet
In the planecrash continuity of glowfic (https://glowfic.com/board_sections/703), in the setting of Golarion (Pathfinder's default setting as interpreted by lintamande), people who die while Lawful Evil (or having sold their souls to a devil) go to Hell, where they are tortured extensively. The priesthood of the rulers of Hell considers it correct doctrine that this is partly to remove weakness but also because Hell desires it, as part of the arbitrary exercise of power inherent in Hell's core values of tyranny and slavery. Carissa Sevar believes that the tortures of Hell are primarily to remove weakness and ~purify souls into stronger souls which can become devils. This market is about whether she ever realizes she was wrong. If she turns out not to be wrong at all (very unlikely given other continuities), it probably resolves N/A but might resolve No depending on how the details shake out. Jun 17, 9:20pm: As of https://glowfic.com/replies/1822967#reply-1822967, we have > A master who only wanted the products of their slaves' work would be kinder. Carissa, when she only wants the products of her slaves' work, is kinder. Which is not *explicitly* this realization. Actions will probably demonstrate that this is effectively the same, but if they don't, I expect I will ask the authors directly.