The result of the US Presidential election will not be certified by Jan. 6, 2025.
Dec 6

Resolves when the election is certified by the Electoral College. A YES vote holds if the results are not certified by January 6, 2025. A NO vote holds if the results are certified on or before January 6, 2025.

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bought Ṁ500 NO

Thank you. I made an error in the date. I’m going to change it to January 6, 2025, the date the election is scheduled to be certified.

I see you made a substantial NO bet on the incorrect date. Need to give you the opportunity to rescind and reconsider.

Yes I bet on the market as authored. Thank you for your consideration: I request that you have the @mods N/A this market and create a fresh one with the new criteria.

Thank you. I’ll be in touch with them in the morning.

sold Ṁ2,693 NO

I've managed to exit my position taken on the pre-edit market. I have 193 mana available for anyone else not made whole by NAing or unwinding.

@JamesBaker3 I tried repeatedly in the wake of our conversation to reach @mods. My screen froze each time. I'm sorry I couldn't fix that from my end.

Is this the thing the January 6 assholes tried to prevent?

Emphasis on January 6

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