Just landed. Will I get bitten by mosquitos in Miami this week?
May 3
M$188 bet
This market resolves to "YES" if I got bitten by any mosquitos by Saturday. I plan to be taking meetings outside. Close date updated to 2022-05-07 11:59 pm Apr 28, 1:56pm: Update: I’m a type O blood but so far I seem to be safe… May 2, 10:09pm: Guys - The market resolves to "YES" cuz unfortunately I have collected 3 mosquito bites from the trip... at least I've got to meet some great people in awesome tropical weather :)

Undox is betting NO at 60% 24 days ago

Just thinking, you use a plural, so a single mozzy bite doesn't count? (jk)

Ian bought M$10 of NOa month ago

good looking odds

Austin bought M$5 of NOa month ago

I don't recall getting bitten last time I visited (for about 3 days).

Undox bought M$10 of NOa month ago

Use repellent