Will Bitcoin cross 75000$ mark as predicted from Bloomberg and top Firms.
resolved Apr 19
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Congratulation to All ! and specially to User who Predicted NO, distribution has been completed. Please do check and stay tuned for next Bets.

Can you confirm time frame for this? Ever? By 4/18?

What time zone?

I think that Bitcoin has that potential. I also believe in Ethereum's growth. It is an ecosystem.

What do you think?

By when? The articles say "in 2024", but your market close date is April 11.

@AmmonLam As per the prediction coming in after the Halving the Market will pump so closing date considering April if not within April it will be closed.

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@HimanshuSingh a fixed date would be great. So April 11 works for me. Floating makes betting a lot harder.

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@HimanshuSingh Just to confirm, the resolution criteria is

Will bitcoin surpass $75000 mark before the end of April?


@AmmonLam Yes before April End as halving is in April so report suggest will get a pump in April after or before halving.

@HimanshuSingh can you update the close date to the end of April?

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@HimanshuSingh the closing date should have been updated already. It's unfair to move it so close to the ending date.

@DanielBets Yes have updated to Halving date 19 April, was expecting a Pump before halving so the date update was bit delayed. But date updated now

@HimanshuSingh It's frustrating since I was betting based on the listed closing time. Is the new date the actual time that the market will be closed? Or will it be moved again to cover all of April?

Is the actual closing time conditioned on when the halving date is? You should make it clearer in the event description as it's quite unfair otherwise as it changes the market.

@DanielBets In the bet it is mentioned in description for halving date closing we can see the mark 75 cross.
But let me share insight for Whales it seems that there is possibility that after halving the Market will pump to 56-59000 for Bitcoin so make bets accordingly.
But yes it can go otherwise as well.

@HimanshuSingh can you specify more exact closing conditions? It's very biased otherwise if you will wait to see if the Market pumps and keep extending the date after the halving?

What about "the market will close 24 hours after the next bitcoin halving, whenever it happens (expected sometime in April)"?

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