resolved Jan 1

Google has announced their new Bard chat bot. Will it be sent to the infamous Google graveyard?

Will resolve based on if had it in their list.

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Does changing the name count as going to the graveyard? Does dramatically changing the way it's used count is going to the graveyard? What about both, ship-of-thesis style?

predicted NO

@LukeHanks I will likely resolve it based on the website unless there are any objections.

predicted NO

Google doesn't kill projects that fast and less AI would hurt the stock for fear of Microsoft's LLM supremacy.

I miss Google Buzz

@ForrestTaylor Remember Google+?

Selling my YES shares and switching over to NO. I didn't think this one out clearly before placing a bet. Using a pragmatic approach, I can only find a few programs that Google killed in the Google graveyard which were about a year or so old... Touring Bird, Soundstage, Focals, Password Checkup Extension.

These are all programs I had never even heard of. I doubt something so huge and so public they would kill off after a year or two, in part because most programs last at least 3-5 years before being killed, if not 10, and in part because it's so big and so public.

AI is still so new, so I doubt it'll get killed off.

@HfdidiurhtIdifhthdjdidoodle jump Because AI is still so new, I doubt it will be eradicated.

@FosterJesus a yes vote in my mind is something bad happens and they have to rename their AI,

eg microsoft's Sydney doesnt exist anymore

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