Will I get into MIT?
Dec 26

This market resolves YES if I apply and am admitted to MIT (the one in massachusets).

This market resolves NO if I apply and am not explicitly admitted to MIT (waitlist does not count).

I will manalink every YES-holder 50M if I apply early and am admitted early and will not need to purchase additional Mana to do so.

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this is an easy yes resolution

Yikes. Didn't you just fail those classes?

bought Ṁ50 NO from 85% to 73%
bought Ṁ500 YES from 43% to 75%
bought Ṁ50 NO

@Heliscone Does the market close NO if you decide not to apply if you think you have no chance?

bought Ṁ10 NO from 73% to 71%

@Bolivian_Alpaca Yeah, for sure

bought Ṁ10 NO from 71% to 69%

you forgot to mention that you went to Atlas and are in LIVE

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Whoopsies, turns out I'll only be applying Fall 2024 as a senior (no longer applying this fall as a junior. how annoying.) So, it'll resolve december 2024.

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As an update, I'm applying this year, one year earlier than intended.

SAT 1590, GPA 4.00, I think I got a 5-7ish on the USAJMO last year? I don't recall.

Also, I'm not sure what I was thinking with the 50M *managram clause, but I'll still honor it I guess. If that happens I'll just be too giddy to care. Also, there's a reason this market is lower than the other MIT markets, and that's because I'm not anywhere near as insane as those folks (at least, the ones I've met in person I know to be way way way more impressive, intelligent, well-spoken, etc., all round higher quality humans than me).

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This seems significantly lower then the other Mit markets.. maybe bet it up?

Are you comfortable with sharing your SAT score, GPA, etc.?

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@JeromeCampbell Sure, I'll share that in Fall 2024, when I expect to be applying! Until then, I'd expect some things to change

@Heliscone Thanks! I’ll wait until then to bet, but I’m rooting for you!

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@JeromeCampbell Thanks! I've sent that update now :)