Will the S&P 500 close higher on September 20 than it closed on September 19?
resolved Sep 20

Closes 2pm EDT. NYSE closes 4pm EDT.

Resolves according to the display at https://www.google.com/finance/quote/.INX:INDEXSP at the end of the day.

This market is part of the S&P Forecasting tournament for the month of September (inspired by Alex B. Goode). At the end of the month top traders are eligible for a prize.

1      2000
2      1250
3      750

Good luck forecasting!

Note: Keeping this market as similar to how Alex has been running it. Not trying to change what people are enjoying trading on.

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NO 4,402.20

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@Haws that was a beautiful nosedive

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@ScipioFabius not so beautiful if you are looking at it from the YES side. Hope u were NO for the rest of the stocks too, prob a good ass day for u lol

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@Haws nope, dont touch the other markets for now

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@ScipioFabius how much did you pay for your no position here?

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@Haws 150M. Had a little FOMO before market close but restrained myself :P

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@SirCryptomind This is... uncomfortable, to say the least, but oh well

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@ScipioFabius I'm hoping we can convince them in discord to add it back to the page as a tab.

@SirCryptomind I asked and Ian replied with "What do you use it for?"

Hoping they make it easier to link to....