Will OpenAI re-add the "Sky" voice before August 2024?
Aug 1

OpenAI recently announced they were "pausing" the Sky voice for gpt4o. Will it be reinstated as it previously was by August?

To resolve as Yes, the voice must broadly sound the same as it did before OpenAI removed it.

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Relevant: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2024/05/22/openai-scarlett-johansson-chatgpt-ai-voice

On one hand;

"Several factors go against OpenAI, he said, namely Altman’s tweet and his outreach to Johansson in September and May. “It just begs the question: It’s like, if you use a different person, there was no intent for it to sound like Scarlett Johansson. Why are you reaching out to her two days before?” he said. “That would have to be explained.”"

But on the other:

"In a statement from the Sky actress provided by her agent, she wrote that at times the backlash “feels personal being that it’s just my natural voice and I’ve never been compared to her by the people who do know me closely.”"

@Greyhawk I'd be interested in this question over a longer time period, too. I can create the question but didn't want to step on your toes in case you wanted to.

@Tsunombie feel free, I'm out of manas

Great, thanks! Here it is if anyone is interested:

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