If I bring up the 36 questions with a friend, will we decide to try?
closes Jun 10

My friend (38f) and I (24m) hang out quite a bit.

I have been diagnosed with Asperger's/Autism. My love life has gone no where so far. (Ive been on 4 first dates and 1 second date and the most recent was probably around a year ago.

I'm attracted to her but I wouldn't say I have feelings for her.

The 36 questions procedure is designed to make 2 strangers fall in love.

I've been kicking around the question of whether I should ask if she want's to try it or just leave it platonic.

Resolves yes if we sit down and go through the questions together.

I'm willing to answer questions.

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Fedorbought Ṁ10 of NO

What's the current relationship dynamic between you two? Have you been hanging out for long? She is quite a bit older, how do you know each other?

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Journeyman Sage (edited)

we met through my work. I was her exercise instructor for a few months. This was probably a year and a half ago or more. We still hang out maybe once a week on average. We sometimes go out for coffee and just talk. Sometimes we do productivity sessions, where one of us will go to the other’s house and we will work on stuff that otherwise wouldn’t get done

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@Destiato Well, I have no idea what kind of person she is, and I cannot judge what your personal relationship is very well over the internet.
In general, as one autistic nerd to another, in my learnings, it's a bad idea to bring this kind of thing up in a friendship. If it's unexpected on their end, it can be perceived as creepy.

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