Will Lex Fridman interview AI by 2024?
resolved Jan 1

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@Gigacasting does an AI version of a person count? If so this market should be trading higher than this one:

I already made one, I can share the code if you want

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Is this inclusive of the year 2024?

@NunyaBidness not creator but no I don't think so

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New Lex Fridman just dropped

I think Lex may do it as a joke or novelty. I don't think that an interview with AI will be very interesting beyond that until whatever AI is being interviewed has some identity. If a model that's sufficiently opinionated, maybe in a way that becomes a viral phenomenon— for example, a model that teases yet is charmingly witty and has personal opinions, and a history / memories of itself to ask it about is created, then it would be interesting to me.

Interesting or not though, I think there's a solid chance of it happening. Surely it's already been suggested to him privately or even joked about on an episode?

What is love, AI?