Will I cry during Oppenheimer?
closes Dec 31

Will I shed a tear if/when I watch Oppenheimer (2023).
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keydELfWuMQ

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GeorgeVii avatar

Looks like Barbie's out the same day!
Seems like I'll be crying twice then :(

RobinGreen avatar
Robin Green

Do you often cry when watching movies?

I do. Generally when things are moving in some way. Are you the same?

GeorgeVii avatar

@RobinGreen Hmm, I don't think I physiologically produce tears particularly easily (kinda annoying when I want to wear contacts). Also don't watch many movies these days so idk what the average might be.

But yeah for example very sad stories I might come across on youtube or something. I'll classify as crying for the purposes of this. Maybe I "cried" when I saw some actual Oppenheimer footage for the first time idk.

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