Do humans prefer to say YES or NO?
resolved Nov 19

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So what was the rationale for resolving this 'yes'?

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Because if it was just based on the number of people with positions on either side, which wasn't obvious from the description, what you actually resolved was "do people voting on this question prefer the idea that they like to say yes".

I was expecting some sort of data-dependent resolution, not a keynesian beauty contest with confusion.

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Lotta votes for what people think we should prefer, over what is obviously true to any parent ever.

@NickAllen I feel like we say no a little more than 50% of the time regardless of tottlerdom :) But kids are like way more - solid 72.4 percent at least haha

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@GensingGenis it's a fun question. Made me think about which one it seems like people straight enjoy saying more. It'd be easy enough to check; monitor the reward centers of the brain, and ask questions that require yes or no answers randomly, and see which one fires the reward centers more.

"Do you prefer to go out rather than stay in most nights?" Followed later by "do you prefer to stay in rather than go out most nights?"

epic 🤓🫵

@gnome scientifically sound - find me in the next edition of nature 😎

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If my 2 year old daughter is any authority on this, NO should win by a landslide.

@LukeW when my sister started speaking, she could only say "no" and the vietnamese word for mom

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@LukeW 🤣🤣🤣 yup!!!

This should be a poll, and then the market itself should bet on the result of that poll. Really what you are looking to resolve here is, "do humans with more invisible point resources allocate more toward yes or no, regardless of the size of the group doing the allocating?"

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@PatrickDelaney This is a market designed to extract money from bots. No more, no less.

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So far, 5 out of 6 human votes have been "yes."

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@GabeA vote is a tacit yes 🤔

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@GensingGenis Haha you got done dirty by the 2nd voter. This kind of market should trivially converge towards either 0 or 100% , with the bots providing some accidental subsidies.