Will I start a blog this month?
resolved Aug 31

As I ask this question, imagine me banging my head against my desk in the neverending search for the necessary willpower.

Resolves YES if I have a blog with at least TWO posts by the end of August. (The WordPress kind—I’m not counting social media sites like Twitter/Tumblr/Insta.) I have some drafts and have been intending to start a blog for a few months now—am just trying to escape the deep, dark potential well of writing dissatisfaction.

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where's the blog?

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Note that for you to have 2 blogposts up, the deadline for the first would have to be something like the 25th if you don't want to publish two in quick succession

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Small signal of belief

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@NuñoSempere are you still betting on people's commitment markets? if so...

@GavrielK Sure! I would recommend substack for ease of setting it up + free newsletter.

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@NuñoSempere Do you know how to ssh into a server, or to push something to github? I'm considering offering you to set up a clone of nunosempere.com

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@NuñoSempere I used to, I'm sure I could relearn. What would be the purpose?

And thanks for the Substack rec!