Will the Yes team maintain the longest undisrupted dominance?
resolved Dec 26

The Yes team achieves dominance by keeping the price at 55% or higher.

The No team achieves dominance by keeping the price at 45% or lower.

Upon market closing (Dec 26 10pm ET), the team with the longest undisrupted dominance wins and market resolves to the winning team.

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JesusDeSivar avatar
Jesus Of Sivarpredicted YES

I just created a change for the No team to get their revenge

XComhghall avatar

Team NO? Tornado? Have you given up?

XComhghall avatar
XComhghallpredicted YES

Last chance. You can still win if you bet down to 45%.

tornado avatar
tornadopredicted NO

@XComhghall Not enough mana involved here to be worth my effort

Preen avatar
Preenbought Ṁ10 of YES


MaoWhitley avatar
Mao Whitleybought Ṁ25 of NO

@Preen Oh no. Don't join the Yes side please

XComhghall avatar
XComhghallpredicted YES

Total, 4d 9h 52m 59s, 381,179s

12/22 12:07:01 - 12/26 22:00:00

YES dominance 1 began at 12/22 14:17:10, 6h 7m so far.

XComhghall avatar
XComhghallpredicted YES

YES dominance

  1. 12/22 14:17:10 - 12/22 21:35:10, 7h 18m, 26,280s.

NO dominance

  1. 12/22 23:35:27.4 - 12/23 01:55:08, 2h 19m 40.6s, 8,380.6s

XComhghall avatar
XComhghallpredicted YES

YES dominance 2 started at 12/25 11:38:08

Gamble_market avatar
Gamble marketbought Ṁ0 of NO

I initialized the market with 500 limit order each side so that it's not too easy to break through. I will make sure I have no position on any side 2 days before market closes.