Will a new 2D Zelda game be announced before 2027?
resolved Jun 18

Resolves YES if Nintendo or a licensed 3rd party announces a new 2D Zelda before January 1st, 2027 (JST).

Remakes do not count unless more than 50% of the content is completely new. A combination of two or more existing games would not count. A 3D game with new 2D Zelda content (as in Mario Odyssey) counts only if there is enough 2D content to be comparable to A Link to the Past. I intend to resolve this to my own subjective guess if the game is announced but not released by market close, but I'll allow arguments between my decision and resolution (for less than a week). My decision will be biased towards NO- there must be compelling evidence before I would consider a YES.

'2D Zelda' isn't literal, and is more vibes based. Top down, isometric, or otherwise 2.5D would all count, but this is not an exhaustive list. It must be a 'proper' Zelda, with recognizable gameplay elements from earlier games, ie. using the IP to make a different kind of game would not be sufficient for a YES.

The most recent game that, if announced today, would result in a YES is A Link Between Worlds (2013).

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A loss, but also a win.

Link’s Awakening doesn’t count?

They would need to add another Link's Awakening worth of new content for a remake to count

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