Will this market have more winners than losers at closing time?
resolved Mar 25

I will check the "Positions" tab sorting by profits to resolve it.

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Profit amounts keep changing...

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@AlexRockwell WTH this is wildly unstable

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@Stralor every few minutes is totally different, often swinging between being in favor of YES or NO

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Did the last minute swing to positive still fail? Is it slow to update (mine updated but is everyones)? I'm not sure.

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@AlexRockwell mine is the same as yours

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Time for YES holders to sell, hedge your losses 😈

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Keep an eye on this, Team YES

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@JimHays terrifying last bid!!

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@Stralor Didn’t boost it high enough

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Well played. I tried to sell again after checking the profits table but was a couple seconds slow

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@JimHays I was sooo worried about this happening. I think you overshot. There was a position around 55% where YESes would have it

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@Stralor How did you calculate it?

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mostly looking at where people bought in at. plenty of YESes below that and NOs above that. but it's dead reckoning, not perfectly sure

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@Stralor maybe we called it too early and my side is the one who lost! or if they keep shifting like this, maybe we'll all just nod and settle on N/A. weird stuff going on here

so what happens if there is a Tie? N/A ? Are Zero profit neither winning nor losing?

@ShitakiIntaki tie resolves to NO.

Zero profit counts, It counts to the side of tab it is showing. I believe that it is due rounding.

This is potentially paradoxical, no? Suppose there are 10 NO bettors and 1 YES bettor. If you resolve YES, there is 1 winner and 10 losers so you should have resolved NO. But if you resolve NO, the are 10 winners and 1 loser so it should have resolved YES.

The situation isn't much better if there are more YES bettors than NO. In that case whichever way you resolve is a self justifying.

Or have I misunderstood something?

@Fion the key here it the timing. It will be resolved by the positions at closing. It may occur that winners became losers after that.

@FranklinBaldo ah, I think I understand. So a "winner" is somebody with positive profits at close, not somebody who "wins" in the actual market?

@Fion exactly