Will the Sanotize nasal spray prevent Covid19?

Announcement of results for clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05109611. Specifically, will results show treated participants in the Sanotize phase-3 trial of its nitric oxide nasal spray to test positively less than half as often as control participants?___ Trading stops end of 30 Nov 2022 or when announced, whichever is earlier. Resolution is asap after, when results are known. If no trial results have been communicated by 09 Dec 2022, the market to N/A. In that case, it will not count towards the class grade

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Marco Weingartner
is predicting YES at 69%

The trial builds on an observational study that linked the use of NONS after a high-risk close contact exposure to COVID-19 to a 75% reduction in the likelihood of infection. SaNOtize has also generated data on the ability of the nasal spray to reduce viral burden in high-risk COVID-19 patients

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