What will the China lithium spot price be on 09 Dec 2022?

Spot prices for Lithium Carbonate, 99.5% Li2CO3 min, battery grade, traded in China, as on tradingeconomics.com/commodity/lithium. Trading stops just before midnight on 09 Dec 2022. Resolves when known.

FrankfurtSchool avatar550,000-599,999 CNY/tonne
FrankfurtSchool avatar500,000-549,999 CNY/tonne
FrankfurtSchool avatar600,000-649,999 CNY/tonne
FrankfurtSchool avatar>650,000 CNY/tonne
FrankfurtSchool avatar<500,000 CNY/tonne
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Lithium futures prices are trending upward:
1) Higher demand for EVs
2) The price of lithium carbonate rallying following the Chinese Government’s decision to extend a tax exemption for purchase of new vehicles to the end of 2023. 


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Any recommendations as to how to find good data on this?

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