Will the 3000ᵗʰ xkcd webcomic have the number 3000 in its title?
Oct 18

The webcomic xkcd (xkcd.com) has nearly 3000 comics now.

"1000 Comics" was the title of the 1000ᵗʰ comic.

"xkcd Phone 2000" was the title of the 2000ᵗʰ comic.

This market resolves YES if the title of the 3000ᵗʰ comic follows this pattern by containing the number "3000" somewhere within it. Otherwise it resolves NO.

The date to expect the 3000ᵗʰ comic to post is on October 18, 2024, and trading on this market will halt the day before the comic is scheduled to post.

In the extremely unlikely case that no comic is posted at xkcd.com/3000 before the end of October, then this market will resolve NO.

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A new xkcd market!

@EBurk Yes, and so far people seem very confident in their ability to predict Randall based off of only 2 data points. I'm curious if anyone has a hypothesis for what the title will specifically be.

@ForTruth It’s true, but I’m confident they are probably right. Also, fair warning, but I probably will include a similar question in my regular xkcd market around that time.

@EBurk Feel free. I'll add a link to your market then if you do, although you may prefer to simply link to this market if it has significantly more liquidity built up by then. I'm sure you could also probably come up with a similar but sufficiently different version to be interesting.