Will there be a way for two users to bet against each other without paying Manifold? [6 months]
Nov 16

Fees are paid to Manifold when betting against the AMM or filling somebody else's limit order, but not when your own limit orders get filled after you place them. A consequence of this is that if two users want to make a bet, they can't do so on their own terms (because at least one of them will pay fees). People experimented with using bounties for this, but those got discontinued. Will there be any way to do this on 16th November 2024?

For example, if fees were removed for taking somebody else's limit order, or if a mechanism for facilitating private bets was introduced (with no fees). Restoring bounties or managrams also counts.

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@Fion sorry to ask but : are you French ?

@Mich no, I'm Scottish. Why do you ask?

@Fion oh okay sorry, now I'm embarassed haha. In French "fion" can refer to a desert, but it mostly means "butt". I was kinda wondering if you had chosen this pseudo to troll 😅

@Mich haha, no, but I am pleased to know about this accidental double-entendre :)