Will Mark Watson perform a 24 hour show in 2024?
Dec 31

Mark Watson is a comedian who has done 24 hour shows in the past. From the brief reading I've done, I think he hasn't done a live one since 2019, although he did do a couple of online ones during the pandemic. Will he do one in 2024?

I'm not going to be pedantic about the exact timing, or how long he can take for a toilet break or whatever. If he considers it a 24 hour show and there's not a massive outcry about what a fraud he is, I'll count that.

I'll also count it if it's longer than 24 hours (like his 26.2 hour "marathon").

If he starts on 31st December and finishes on 1st January, I'll count it, on either end of the year.

I will bet in this market.

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