The volume of this market defines a polynomial as given in the description. On close, will this polynomial have at least one real root?
resolved Mar 10
Examples: 1234$ -> x^3+2x^2+3x+4 563$ -> x^2+6x+3 70 009$ -> 7x^4+9 Formal definition: Call the digits of the volume, in order, A(n-1),...,A0, where n is the number of digits. The polynomial in question is A(n-1)x^(n-1)+....+A0x^0. Mar 3, 11:38am: second example should say 5x^2+6x+3 Mar 10, 10:33am: x=-3/4
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If it had 1000-9999 then yes. Otherwise about 50%. Depends a lot on the low digits so hard for a whale to control.
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I like these sorts of markets! :)
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The people have spoken and they don't like this sort of market. I will stop doing them.
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Take this 1 fun buck for going through the effort of creating a real math problem instead of the usual "will this end on a 7?"
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can we stop spam gambling markets? Or at least isolate them?