Will I find at least one person who trades all my 31 questions?
resolved Feb 24

How to earn mana without risk: Be the first to bet on this market, then trade all 31 questions that I have created. I prefer if you buy and hold, but you can also buy and sell immediatly. When ready notify in the comments.

If you bet 100 the profit at resolution should be 33, if you bet 200 profit should be 40, if you bet 500 profit is 45 etc.

You find all my questions about extinction risks for animal species here:


I will get 5 mana bonus for each new trader for each question. That will help me to create more questions on more species.

I will resolve YES, when one person has traded all the 31 questions. NO if no one has done it.

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Thanks @chaos for trading my questions. This was fun and helped me get more mana to create more markets about threatened species.