Will I bench 70kg and squat 100kg by EOY 2024?
Dec 31
PR Squat 70kg
PR Bench press (dumbell) 22kg

Pretty simple market, will I benchpress 70kg (minimum 1 rep) and squat 100 kg (mimimum 1 rep) at some point before the end of the year. They don't need to be done some day.

Some info about me:

- I am 27 YO, male and ~65kg
- Have joined a local gym, and completed ~7 workouts
- I'm currently dumbell pressing 14kg for 7-8
- I'd squat approx 50kg for like 5-7 (although I haven't be pushing against my limit here)


Personal Bests:

60kg | 22/04
65kg | 01/05
70kg | 12/05

75kg | 21/05
80kg | 28/05

Bench press (Dumbell):
14kg | 15/04
18kg | 22/04
20kg | 03/05
22kg | 14/05
24kg | 25/05

Bench (Barbell):
Still haven't tried | 12/05

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80kg squat today 💪 - No buyers should be frightened

Going to the UK for a week which might interupt training - but good news is I'll be working out with Mother.

@ElliotDavies I suspect I could squat 85kg by next week, but I'll likely take the weight off and just build up some endurance

New PR: 24kg bench press (dumbell)

Do you take creatine?

@andri I don't take creatine. I don't know much about it - from what I heard I understood it helps you push an extra few reps in?

@ElliotDavies Helps build muscle and strength yeah

@andri RCT's look impressive. I could possibly give it a try - seems cheap

@andri Especially relevant for vegans

@MathiasBonde @andri Is there any reason to take this stuff now rather than wait until my newbie gains end and I plateau?

@ElliotDavies I think the best time to start is yesterday

Squatted 75kg today, might go for 80kg by the end of the week - it felt like I'd have the strength for it. Will also aim for 24kg dumbell press.

@MathiasBonde bought no when I told him I havent had much food in the house for a couple of days 😅

@MathiasBonde is stating that he would update positively if I was eating more. So from this point onwards (and past 3 days) I will be drinking a banana and peanutbutter smoothe each night, and a peanutbutter sandwhich after every workout. Aiming for at least 400-500 calories in excess of my normal diet per day

I've heard people say the would update significantly if I reach a certain milestone. One thing I'll note, is I would give really high odds (80%) to being able to sqaut 75-80 kg

Excercise Diary. 10th Workout on Monday. I squatted 60 for 3 but forgot to add.

@ElliotDavies It's been a week long break because we were running EAGxNordics Fri-Sun. Squatted 65 today. Aiming to be at 70kg by next week

@ElliotDavies I trained 3 times last week. New max dumbell press of 20kg. Considering squatting 70kg this week, or possibly waiting until I am able to squat 70kg with high reps

@ElliotDavies I trained 3 times in the last week, and hit a new PR of 70kg x 1 for squat.

@ElliotDavies Worked out 3 times last week. New PR for dumbell press (22kg)

@ElliotDavies I trained 3 times this week, 2 new PRs but no 80kg squat yet.

That seems like a realistic goal if you were to stick with a strength training routine. So that makes my biggest question: how likely are you to stick with that routine? Have you had a gym routine in the past? Are you going with other people?

Can you say a bit about what training you do? And are you making any other changes in your life (sleep, nutrition, etc)?


> how likely are you to stick with that routine?

Really unsure! My partner seems to think I score high on consentiousness. I suspect injury risk is moderate, but I could always do another excercise if I get injured

> Have you had a gym routine in the past? Are you going with other people?

Not a lot. I was part of a olympic weightlifting club when I was 17 - where I maxed out my squat at approx ~95 (with knee raps). It's 10 years later and I've barely trained in a gym prior to the last 3 weeks.

> Are you going with other people?

I'll be going alone, unless my progress stalls or I think it's worth it to improve my form - in which case @MathiasBonde can train together for a session or two

> Can you say a bit about what training you do?

I’ll add screenshots, but currently I’m on my ~10th session of Full body workout: Squat (or leg press), Leg extension, Lateral pull, sholder press, bench press (with dumbells), and a core excercise.

> And are you making any other changes in your life (sleep, nutrition, etc)?

I'm not going to go hard with protein shakes and taking naps after training. But I might eat a protein bar after training, and get an extra 30 minutes of sleep a night

Let me know how I can best share data. Currently I log everything to a social media app (Hevy)

@ElliotDavies Maybe a weekly post of how often you went to the gym and what you’re currently lifting for the first month and then switch to monthly updates?

@Nikos That makes sense - some people said to me that they would update signifcantly when I hit certain goals (i.e. squating 75kg)