Tool for tracking medical test results
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I generate a lot of different medical tests from multiple sources. One of the most important things is to track changes over time, but that's impossible when everything is scattered in PDFs.

The obvious fix is a spreadsheet, but that requires a lot of rows, most of which won't be used for any one test set, which makes it sparse and hard to graph. Plus I have to enter everything manually and that's a pain.

The ideal service:

  • will import and process PDFs, at least from labcorp, genova is a bonus

  • makes it easy to see changes over time, and choose which tests get shown in a given graph.

  • charging some money is fine, but I only want to pay for the storage and processing, not advising

    Things I have tried so far:

  • InsideTracker: will only track a handful of preset tests

  • Google sheets- pain to manually add everything, too many rows that are only rarely filled make it hard to work with

  • cronometer- pain to manually add everything, plus its charting isn't designed for sparse data

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Note: imports quest but not labcorp results :(

if you use iOS, the Health app can import test results from many providers, including LabCorp