Will I eventually qualify for MOP?

I'm a 7th grader right now, had a 135/130.5 on the 10A and 10B. I got a 10 on AIME and missed JMO by 1/1.5. I'm abysmal at proofs right now; maybe I can improve in the future.

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pretty sure female jmo cutoff was below ur scores this yr. did u take 2024 jmo?

@864886 no

wait what female jmo cutoff??

@ElaineGu yeah they let in some girls who are close to the official cutoff

@864886 I didn't know that

maa didn't send me an email and I never knew abt that

I mean it's still kinda my fault for sillying 3 questions on 10A and bubbling one wrong on 10B, at least I would've known i'd gotten in

@ElaineGu dw u'll def make jmo 2025! btw when did u start comp math and how do u practice

@864886 I did math kangaroo in 1st - 3rd, nothing else those yrs

js for fun, no real practice

rlly started math in 4th grade, didn't rlly prepare tho but did more competitions, math kangaroo 1st place, moems gold pin for elementary, silver for division m. did a few small competitions, as well as amc8 first time without practice was a 16. an orz friend of mine got a 22 in 4th, so I rlly wanted to beat him.

I grinded every amc8 test in 5th, looked to sohil's videos when I needed help, probably did the questions again. Don't look at solutions immediately; do it for a while, if you're stuck, maybe read the first line of the solution to get a hint; this works for everything. Went over mistakes, took an alphastar class. The teacher is very good for up to 30; after that, he's a bit boring. Took amc10a early in the yr, busy during b and didn't expect to qualify anyway. I didn't have a goal for aime qual bc amc10 seemed difficult, but used amc8 practice and formulas and scraped aime. I was pleasantly surprised, although I would later on fail the aime. Won a few more small competitions, and read the AOPS pre-algebra textbook (oops first one I read lol way harder than real prealg), repeated my strategy with amc8 tests and was very happy with myself for getting a perfect amc8 score. I took BmMT and got one point off of top 20%...oops. Should've practiced, but I was cocky due to my AMC8 performance.

In 6th, I still had a few ego problems due to my performance on AMC8 in 5th. Didn't really do math, AMC10 scores increased by only 7.5, AMC8 I took in a session Abt an hr and twenty minutes away from me; I arrived 16 minutes late, panicked, and got a 21. Unfortunately got sick during Mathcounts and cried over it after mocking full scores on Chapter and State somehow (prob would've sillied like crazy on the real thing), took AIME with only two mocks and was pleasantly surprised to get a 6, AIME questions probably come the easiest to me with the long time limit and only 30 points below USAJMO cutoff, took smaller competitions like NOETIC and CML, got graded wrong for a right answer on fall Noetic lmao. BmMT I failed bc a third grader on my team repeatedly kicked me threw paper at me screamed cried scraped his desk smacked his lips and almost got us all disqualified.

In 7th, I focused on AMC10 and did all the past tests once, taking AlphaStar's AMC10 class as well. Was really behind on AOPS so just finished reading Intro to Algebra and Number Theory, was extremely happy with AMC10A's easyness, thinking I'd get a full score before learning I'd sillied 3 in the first 10...oops. Bubbled one wrong on 10B, took another AIME mock and thought my AMC10 score would be enough to get into JMO, so laid off the AIME practice and hung out with friends, played games a lot. MathCounts Chapter I bombed by sillying again, but still qualed for state and bombed state. BmMT I bombed again and placed 20th, bombed BMT earlier in the year, but at least didn't silly on AIME...somehow sillied again on Noetic spring, still full CML and div M MOEMS though. Although I basically went from top 25% to top 18% on AIME...which isn't that much of an increase. I really haven't done much math this year, hence my subpar scores. I plan on finishing a few AOPS books, taking some AMC10 and AIME mocks next yr, taking proof practicing, and hopefully getting into Honorable Mention on JMO (which should be good for MOP for a girl...I still have 5 more yrs tho to get in)


(ignore the essay lol)

@ElaineGu wow you improved a lot! how many hours of math do u do every day?

@864886 um. like 2 on Sundays...?? lol I also do sports and writing. but I'm planning to grind over summer break and not be overconfident again lol

the actual orz ppl like David and Hannah do 3 hrs of math a day lol

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@ElaineGu good luck!

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You're in 7th grade and almost making JMO already. I think something like half of female USA(J)MO participants go to MOP at some point. You also seem motivated to improve. On priors I'm going up.

Don't let the mods know you're in 7th grade 🤫

@TheAllMemeingEye wait there are age restrictions??

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skill issue

@dogmail damn it man

@dogmail I agree with u tho lmao

last time I did proof contest I got like 12/35