Every AI prediction on manifold will fail
Jan 1

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so.... eventually someone will tell the admins about this market and then it will resolve no?

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@harfe He commented 9 days ago saying nothing so far counts.

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@Mira that is a different account

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@harfe yes, Mark Ingraham has hundreds of accounts, all of which are the same person.

So far, of the several dozen attempts below, all the ai predictions failed to benefit ai.

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Shouldn't this already resolve to no, given all the correct AI predictions people have shown you so far?

@WinstonOswaldDrummond This is a spam market, it doesn't mean anything. See my link below.

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@IsaacKing I know but I wanna make it clear enough to admins that they should resolve to no if he doesn't lol.

I'm gonna stop betting in these markets but now that I'm already bought in here I wanna avoid losing Mana on it. Maybe that's unreasonable tho.

@WinstonOswaldDrummond your prediction also failed as it didn't benefit ai

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@ShajajWjai You didn't say it had to benefit AI, and what do you even mean by that? Would this be sufficient?


@WinstonOswaldDrummond that was already mentioned below